Friday, January 31, 2014

PCB Design Engineer


Urgently require PCB Design Engineer in Reputed Electronics Manufacturing Company, for Pune Location!
Dear Candidates,
Golden Opportunity for engineers in electronics to join reputed Electronics Manufacturing Company as a PCB Design Engineer for Pune Location with head quarter established at Pirangut, Pune.
We are looking for PCB Design Engineer Profile in A Reputed Electronics Manufacturing Company,
The recruitment details are as follows:
Job Location: Pune.
Educational details: Diploma in Electronics.
Experience: 1-3 Years of experience in PCB Design.
Job Profile:
1.Hardware Testing, PCB Layout checking.
2. Component sourcing, Lab Testing.
3. ISO Documentation.
4. Co-ordinate with team members to increase accuracy and failure in targeted product feature
Package: Best in Industry
1. B.E.Candidates need not to apply as this position is for only diploma holders.
2. No charges are applied as this is company recruitment. It’s a free of cost recruitment.
For any other query, candidate may call Prasad on 9881231639 during 10 .00AM-6.00 PM.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PCB & Circuit Designing (ULTRA MODULE)


PCB refers to Printed Circuit Board. The process of PCB designing consists of various processes like designing, etching, printing etc.The combination of all these processes result in designing of circuits on a signal boards layout.

Every time we can't go by placing components on bread board, which may not be sophisticated and may have loose connections which it can't be used in rough condition.

With the help of different software's available in market designers are able to develop their own PCB's , the best suggestible software for PCB design is EAGLE CAD..
ULTRA MODULE - PCB & Circuit Designing
Days Topics Covers
Day 01
• Introduction to Robotics
• Introduction to PCB & Circuit Designing
• Basics of hardware and software
• New and upcoming Technologies
Day 02
• Introduction to Manual Robotics
• Motor principle explained
• Different types manual robots and their applications
• Controlling of motors through switches
• Gear assembly and calculations
• Different types of chassis design
• Concept of robotic events
• To make a sound connections Designing of remote control
• Manual Robotics practical session
• Assembling of a robotic car
• Remote controlled Robot
Day 03
• Introduction to PCB design software
• Different tools used for PCB designing
• Hands on PCB design software
• Masking different circuits
Day 04
• Different circuit on PCB design software
• Schematic of Different circuits
• Designing different circuit
• Checking for errors
Day 05
• Soldering Methods.
• Safety Precautions
• Different Methods of Soldering
• Soldering LED's on Zero PCB.
• Checking for errors
Day 06
Day 07
Day 08
• Soldering Techniques
• How to solder different components
• LED Design Patterns
• Use of Flux in soldering
• Soldering Iron Precautions
• Solder and Solder Materials Precautions
• Checking for errors and de-soldering techniques
Day 09
• Introduction to IR sensors
• Op-amp operation.
• Op-amp as a Comparator.
• Designing of IR Sensors
• Testing of IR sensors
• Detecting white and black surface with digital IR sensors
• Monitoring analog and digital sensors
Day 10
• L293D IC Explanation.
• Core of L293D vis-s-vis H- BRIDGE concept .
• Concept of Embedding L293D IC in MOTOR DRIVER shield
• Making Connections of L293D IC on BREAD BOARD
• Driving Motors with L293D on Bread Board.
Day 11
• Interface Motor Driver with IR sensor.
• Calibration of IR sensors
     o What is it?
     o Why is it Required? Practical
• Calibrating IR sensors.
• Make your Own LINE FOLLOWER.
• Make your Own EDGE AVOIDER
Day 12
Completion of Line Follower Bot, Obstacle detector BOT and Edge avoider bot
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Competition, Doubts and practical session
Day 16
• Microcontrollers and Microprocessor difference
• Introduction to embedded system
• Video sessions on advancements in Technology
• Concepts of hardware and software interface
• Introduction to Arduino
• Arduino IDE and Overview.
• Introduction to different Arduino boards and shields
• Working on digital and analog signal.
• What is Future Technology Devices International Ltd.(
• Microcontroller ATMEGA 328.
• Introduction to BASIC PROGRAMMING.
• Driver and software installation
• Better understanding using the 13th pin internal Connection.
Day 17
• Introduction to Basic Shield
• What is the requirement of Basic Shield?
• Operation of Analog and Digital Signals
• 8 Bit and 10 Bit Concept.
• Interfacing Basic Shield with Arduino.
• Lighting up several LED's in a Wishful Pattern.
• Working on Switch, BUZZER and implementing with Arduino for better grasping of concepts
Day 18
• Different PCB Design Software
• Making circuit on PCB Design Software
• Deploying basic circuits from paper to schematic window
• Testing the schematic for errors
• Making Board Layout
• Checking for errors and finalizing layout
• Designing circuit on PCB software
• Checking for errors in circuit
• Finalizing circuit schematic
Day 19
• Etching process
• Safety precautions before starting the etching process
• Getting PCB ready for etching
• Etching the PCB
• Checking for errors
• Cleaning the PCB
Day 20
• Finalizing PCB and Studying the circuit
• Drilling and Soldering methods of PCB
• Checking the PCB circuit
• Drilling holes on PCB
• Soldering the Components on PCB
• Testing the finished PCB 

RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd.(Head Office)
A-90, Lower Ground Floor, Sector-04, Noida-201301

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OrCAD Training @ Mumbai | GIS Training Academy Pvt Ltd | PSpice Training @ Mumbai


  • Introduction to OrCAD Capture
  • Introduction to component database
  • How to place the parts in the design
  • Connecting the parts with wire, bus, net alias and power symbol in the design
  • How to modify the properties of the parts (Property Editor)
  • How to edit the physical appearance of the parts (Part Editor)
  • How to create a new library
  • How to create a new part
  • How to work in Multi sheet projects
  • How to make connectivity between schematic pages
  • How to work in multi folder projectors
  • Working with Hierarchical blocks
  • Design Processing (Annotate, Back Annotate, DRC, Create Netlist, Cross reference parts and BOM)
  • Inter tool communication (ITC)
  • Component Information System (CIS) with Internet Component Assistance (ICA)
Duration: 40 hrs

  • Modifying Schematic for Simulation
  • PSpice Netlist creation
  • Error identification and rectification (DRC Markers)
  • Creation and configuration of Simulation profile.
  • Bias Point analysis (To display DC bias values)
  • Transient analysis (Time domain Response)
  • Single Window, Single window with multiple Y-axis, Split window and Multi window representation
  • Parametric analysis (Design response variation with respect to Design element parameters)
  • Temperature analysis (Design response variation with respect to Temperature)
  • DC Sweep analysis (Design response variation with respect to DC parameters)
  • AC Sweep analysis (Design response variation with respect to Frequency)
  • Monte Carlo/Worst case analysis (Design response variation with respect to Device tolerance)
  • Mixed signal simulation (Design and analyzing with both Analog and Digital devices)
  • Macros (Getting response with respect to expressions)
  • Configuring and utilizing stimulus (Signal source creation for Analog and Digital)
Duration: 40 hrs

  • PCB Editor Configuration setup
  • How to create customized pad
  • How to create customized Footprint
  • How to create Board Template
  • How to create a new board file
  • How to assign number of layers for routing (X section)
  • How to import the capture logic
  • Component placement (Manual and Auto)
  • Setting up the design constraints (Constraint manager)
  • Routing the design (Manual and Auto)
  • DRC Updating
  • How to Rename design elements (Manual and Auto)
  • Back Annotation
  • How to generate the artwork file (Manufacturing Process)
  • Script File generation and utilization
  • How to import and export design parameters
Duration: 40 hrs

GIS Training Academy Pvt. Ltd.
142 Mangesh Shenoy Street, Indian Globe Chamber,
Near Akbar Travels, CST-(VT) Station, Mumbai 400001.

Telephone (91) -22 -2270 1333 / 4 / 5
Telefax (91) -22 -2270 1336,  
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Opening for PCB Design Engineer - Bangalore....!!!

1-3 yrs
● Worked as a Team player in minimum 5 Design projects
● Working knowledge of PCB Design Tools in any ONE of Allegro, PADS, Altium
● Working knowledge of schematic tools ORCAD Capture, Zuken CADSTAR
● Concept HDL

SO / equivalent Quality Management System Compliance,
SI Analysis, Thermal Analysis

Send your updated resume to Kindly refer your friends/ relatives for the same.
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Urgently Looking for PCB Design for Hyderabad Location

Position :- PCB Design
Experience :- 3+ 6 Yrs
Job Location :- Hyderabad

If Interested Please Call me (Pravin) at 9967159475 OR Email at 

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Advanced PCB Layout – Lesson 8 of Schematic & PCB Design Course

PCB Layout Tips & Tricks, DDR2 / DDR3 Memory layout, Differential pair routing, Wide bus routing (PCI, ISA, etc. ), Impedance calculation, Stackup design, CPU Fanouts and more. Software used for demonstration: Altium Designer.
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EMC/Shielding/Grounding Techniques for Chip & PCB Layout



This seminar discusses techniques for identifying the sources of unwanted coupling and radiation, and systematic approaches for their minimization. The class offers approximately one day's worth of material, but is typically offered in five 90-minute sessions (9:00am to 10:30am Pacific time) via web-classroom. Each daily session is a live event but the recording can be made available to support students requiring a more convenient viewing time. Please contact the office for details at
This course is intended for registered individual students only. Please contact us for group rates at or 650-949-3300. Recording, copying, or re-transmission of classroom material is prohibited.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to:
  • Define electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Identify sources of coupling and radiation.
  • Discuss and simulate the effectiveness of various shielding strategies.

Target Audience:

Product and package design engineers of all expertise levels will benefit from this course. A basic engineering background (BSEE or equivalent) is required.


Day One
Electomagnetic Compatibility
• Definition of EMC • Ground definitions • Measuring Radiation : large scale (test box) and localized (probes)
Coupling and Radiation
• Differential and common mode connections • Coupling control techniques • Crosstalk between microstrip vs other lines • Radiation vs. loop area • Isolation techniques
• Shielding effectiveness and wave impedance; shield materials • Effects of slots and holes in shield • Multiple small or fewer large holes? • Transfer impedance as the effectiveness parameter
• Current distribution between shield and ground plane • Coupling through common ground inductance • Shared vias • Ground plane discontinuities and inductance effects • Choking off ground currents, filtering the power lines
Experimental/Numerical Techniques of Problem Solving
Case Studies

Subject Areas Covered

EM Shielding/EMC Engineering
High-Speed PCB Layout and Design
Courses Avaliable via Web Classroom Delivery

Check the above links for other courses that may interest you based on subject matter.

Course 140

Web Classroom, WebEx Jan 27-Jan 31, 2014
Course 140-4616 Presented by Allen Podell
Register by 1/24/2014 and pay $595, otherwise pay $695 Register Online
Request an onsite quote for this course
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Signal/Power Integrity Training




Course Description

Sintecs is organizing this training class in cooperation with Fast Edges Inc. And will be given by the Signal Integrity goeroe Mr. Rod Strange.
The three day class will allow you to become familiar with signal integrity analysis at the board level. The lecture's modules address transmission lines and their effects on digital circuitry and printed circuit boards. The course will present detailed examples from real-world designs to demonstrate the necessity of understanding signal integrity issues and applying sound signal integrity principles to your PCB Design.
Date:  19th - 21st of May, 2014 (final dates will follow soon)
Location: Conference hotel Willibrordhaeghe, Deurne
Pricing: € 2.195, including hotel and catering arrangement (If not staying in the hotel, the costs will be € 1.945)
If you are interested please register as soon as possible. Seats are limited.
You can register online by clicking here. To download registration form please click here.
For more information you can contact us: here.

With this course you will gain a better understanding of the following:

  • Transmission lines and their effect on digital circuitry
  • Printed circuit boards: drivers, receivers, Zo, Zdiff, stackup
  • Quality board designs
  • Termination, topology, timing, parasitics, etc
  • Crosstalk: understanding and preventing
  • Differential pair: termination, routing, timing, EMI
  • Clock distribution, high speed busses, groundbounce
  • Reference planes: ground, power, return currents, splits
  • High speed layout: vias, connectors, capacitors, losses
  • Testing issues: equipment, probes, test points
  • Models: SPICE, IBIS, drivers, receivers, simulators and accuracy
  • PCB simulations that detect signal integrity problems before fabrication


  • Digital Design Engineers
  • ECAD Designers with some high speed experience
  • Technicians with High Speed experience
  • Those who would like to further their knowledge on Printed Circuit Board Signal Integrity issues
  • No advanced math is needed
The complete course description can be downloaded here.
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Production Manager | NavSemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Bangalore

Experience : 5+ Years in production of power
Location : Bengaluru (India)
Compensation : Attractive Package designed for high performer individual who can drive growth
Education : B.E. Electrical and Electronics with advanced diploma in manufacturing
Functional Area : Co-ordinate production activities working closely with EMS companies for PCB manufacturing, Assembly, Plastic Moulding, Enclosure manufacturing and final assembly line, quality control and shipment logistics to customer.
Job Description : Be responsible for supply chain management, advise management on make-buy decision, identify local and overseas manufacturing partners for quality delivery and competitive cost, manage prototype fabrication and bring up a new production facility. The person should have brought new products to production, improve production yields and create most efficient production facility on the earth with least resources. You should be able to work in a small manufacturing environment, able to work with large EMS companies and be capable to build own manufacturing plant if necessary.

The ideal candidate will come from manufacturing companies of solar inverters, charge controller, UPS systems or power electronic & control products.

Send your application and CV :

Keywords : Solar, Controller, Lighting, Module, Panel, Inverter, Photovoltaic, Rural, Power, Energy, Electronics, Junction Box, Production, Manufacturing, EMS, Supply Chain, Logistics
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

PCB Design Engineers required immediately


About Company

Value Vision Management Consultants are pioneers in Placements in the IT Industry and other Human Resources related consulting Services. A company formed by professionals with varied experience in their fields consisting of specialists in the Human Resources Areas. Focused in our approach, Value Vision provides high quality outsourcing services for large to small Hi-tech companies.

Job Description

Position : PCB Design engineer
Experience Required : 1- 2 Years
  1. Worked as a team player in minimum 5 Design projects.
  2. Working knowledge of PCB design tolls in any one of ALLEGRO,PADS,Altium.
  3. Working knowledge of schematic tools like ORCAD Capture ,zuken CADSTAR.
  4. Concept HDL.
1.      Excellent team player.
2.      Good communication skills.
3.      Effective time management.
4.      Understanding customer inputs,drawings,specs,circuit design.
5.      ISO/Equivalent qualitymanagement system compliance.
  1. ISO/Equivalent qualitymanagement system compliance
  1. EMI,EMC analysis,DFT,DFM,DFA.
  1. SI Analysis ,thermal analysis.

Educational qualification:
Diploma in engineering or degree in science with electronics/instrumentation/electrical/electronics

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